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What is vibrant sweat used for?

What is vibrant sweat used for?

Vibrant sweat is used in various blueprints for crafting. It’s also used to make Mind Essence. This is what creates the demand for Vibrant sweat. Players who deposit or who would rather not gather sweat buy it from players who do.

How do you get mind essence in Entropia?

Mind Essence is a consumable item needed for the usage of MindForce powers. It is obtained by refining together Force Nexus with Vibrant Sweat.

What’s the best way to sweat in Entropia?

Then just aim at a mob and press the auto-use-tool key. Focus on low level mobs which you can tank naked for long enough to be able to sweat them dry. Preferably close to a revive point. You may or may not choose to heal yourself. To die gives no penalty and you gain some combat skills while getting hit.

Do you need PED to play Entropia Universe?

You just started playing Entropia Universe. You made it through the tutorial. You’ve done a little hunting and now you need ammo. You ask around and everyone says you need PED. Everyone says you need to go Sweat. This can all be a little confusing. Especially to a new player. Let’s take a look at sweating and why people use it to earn PED.

Where are the best places to sweat in Rocktropia?

Sweat circle at Nea’s in above pic. Mobs: Hater & Forum Troll (There is a few more but these are the best two from my experiences to sweat). One of two, really popular sweating spots known to me on ROCKtropia. You can sometimes find a few groups here sweating at once or a single one.

Where do sweating parties congregate in Entropia trade?

We advise sweating parties congregate to the open space NE from the teleport around (291,588) (this is to help ensure active sweaters not alternate accounts are reaping the benefits of this program) Medics will be available every day up to their allotted decay limits courtesy of BIG Industries.