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Who is Nkabinde on Isibaya?

Who is Nkabinde on Isibaya?

Soapville’s most hated and dangerous sangoma; Zakhele Msibi who portrays the notorious character of Sunday Nkabinde, is returning back to the Mzansi Magic’s hit novella; Isibaya.

Is Nkabinde coming back to Isibaya?

Isibaya actor Zakhele Msibi who portrays the notorious character of Nkabinde, is returning back to the Mzansi Magic’s hit soapie. The actor teased his return on Instagram after he posted a snap on set and captioned it “Sekunjalo” which loosely translates to “the time has come.”

Who is Mgijimi Isibaya?

Mgijimi is a zombie that was created by Nkabinde years ago. Nkabinde is the only one who can fully awaken Mgijimi because he is the one who created him. He was cured by Mehlemamba who was Nkabinde’s apprentice and son. Mgijimi was disabled but Mpiyakhe always felt Mgijimi inside him, especially since Thandeka’s death.

Who killed Duma in Isibaya?

Mbovu shoots Duma dead and leaves Mbodla to clean up his mess.

Is Sunday Nkabinde dead?

Sunday Nkabinde is not dead and Mehlo is out to save him.

Who plays Alex in Isibaya?

Michelle Mosalakae (born 14 September 1994), is a South African actress, writer and theatre director….

Michelle Mosalakae
Alma mater Rhodes University
Occupation Actress, writer, theatre director
Years active 2017–present

Is thandeka from Isibaya dead?

We were first introduced to Thandeka (played by Nomzamo Mbatha) and Sbu (played by Sdumo Mtshali) in the very first episode of Isibaya where the two first met at the village river and took a liking to each other. Thandeka was then tragically killed and died in Sbu’s arms.

Is Sengwayo dead on Isibaya?

Siyabonga Thwala who plays the role of Sengwayo ‘Mpiyakhe’ Zungu will apparently be exiting Isibaya permanently soon. According to the family’s sangoma, the only way for Alex to be rid of the zombie and completely heal is for Sengwayo ‘Mpiyakhe’ Zungu to die.

Is Mpiyakhe coming back to Isibaya 2021?

Siyabonga Thwala as Mpiyakhe Zungu in Isibaya. M-Net on Thursday confirmed that the Mzansi Magic soapie Isibaya would indeed be coming to an end. The confirmation comes after months of speculation that the hit show, which is currently in its eighth season, would not be renewed.

Is Mpiyakhe dead in Isibaya?

What kills Menzi?

Menzi Ngubane/Cause of death
Death. Ngubane died from a stroke on 13 March 2021, aged 56. Three days after his death his father Ndodeni Ngubane also passed away after his 90th birthday was celebrated by his children a month ago before his death.

Why did Nomzamo Mbatha leave Isibaya?

The source said whenever Mbatha was in the country they would shoot more scenes and bank them. “Even though they were working around her schedule, it was no longer viable for both her and the production team. Eventually they came to the conclusion to kill off her character,” added the source.