Does Thresh build AP or AD?

Does Thresh build AP or AD?

And he’s basically a ranged tank, so you don’t actually build him AD nor AP (you can go off-meta and play him both AD or AP though).

Is Thresh mid viable?

Mid game he really just does too much damage for you to try and kill him so I recommend you don’t try and fight him mid game. He doesn’t scale well into late game though so you can definitely try and kill him late game.

What tier is Thresh?

Thresh 11.19 Thresh Build 11.19 ranks as an B-Tier pick for the Support role in Season 11.

Why is ad thresh not viable?

The problem with Thresh ADC is: His abilities interrupt his autoattack animation / he is not able to AA while using his hook, or his flair. Everything else is fine on him, he get nice AS per level, but he is pretty short-ranged and better as tanky support.

Is thresh magic damage?

Active: Thresh will sweep his chain, hitting any enemies in its path with magic damage and slowing them for one second. If cast forward, Thresh will push hit enemies away.

Can Thresh be an ADC?

I was Nidalee support with an ADC Thresh bot lane. I learned a lot that game, namely Thresh can’t play bot ADC. Unlike most ADC’s with long range ULT’s, Thresh’s ULT is a close range spell, so he has to be in the thick of combat to take full advantage of it, and it’s too easy for your opp to Flash out of it.

Is Thresh a Jungler?

Why Thresh Jungle? Seriously though, when Thresh was released in January 2013, he was intended as either 1) a support, 2) a jungler, or 3) a toplaner.

Can you go full AP on AP thresh mid?

It says in the title ‘Build Guide’. That means you build what’s in the guide. This is an AP Build (TM) so you need to take stuff that gives you AP. We’re not going electrocute, dark harvest, press the attack, nah none of that. You can’t go full AP without getting all the AP.

What can you do with AP thresh in League?

Sure AP Thresh Mid may be the second most ******ed thing you can do with Thresh other than Thresh Jungle but League is all about hoping the other team is dumber than you are. And in those moments where you happen to be against someone with no brain (Silver 4 and below) you can land your hook, you can poke with your flay, and you can land your box.

What do you need for AP thresh transcendence?

Transcendence now the one thing AP Thresh Mid needs – other than an amazing team to carry the sh*t out of you – is CDR. All your cooldowns are really long and your autos do less damage than ricegum did to idubbz’s reputation.

What do you call thresh’s Dark Passage ability?

Dark Passage ability that no one calls by its actual name. It gives this tiny shield that will absorb just enough damage for you to live while still getting constantly out-traded. TACTICAL MOVE: Some people will try to help their teammates by throwing the lantern.