How do you break the jelly in candy crush?

How do you break the jelly in candy crush?

To complete jelly levels, the player must remove all the jelly on the board. On many jelly levels, it is harder than it seems. The jelly is translucent in appearance, and can only be broken if a candy on the square with jelly is removed. Once all the jelly on the entire board is removed, the player completes the level.

Who has the highest level in candy Crush?

who currently holds the highest level on candy crush saga?

  • Facebook and mobile (Android, iOS and Amazon devices): 8585 Levels, 573 episodes.
  • Win10: 8675 Levels, 579 episode.

How do I get rid of the spinning wheel in Candy Crush?

They can be destroyed with boosters or by matching the candies next to them.

What is the goal of Candy Crush?

The goal of Candy Crush Saga is to match three or more candies in a row to make them disappear. Candy Crush Saga also holds the top spot in the U.S. Apple App Store for free apps. It’s currently number two on Google’s Android Play store.

How many levels are on Candy Crush?

Candy Crush Saga is known for having more levels than most other games have. There are currently 9260 levels (9350 levels on Windows 10 App version), all within 618 episodes on mobile (624 episodes on Windows 10 App version), each with fifteen levels apart from the first two episodes which hold ten levels each.

What are all the levels of Candy Crush Saga?

At the time of writing, Candy Crush Saga features a whopping 3175 levels in 213 episodes (3145 levels in 211 episodes on mobile versions), with 2510 Reality levels within 168 Reality episodes on the web version (2480 Reality levels within 166 Reality episodes on mobile versions) and 665 Dreamworld levels within 45 Dreamworld episodes.

What does clear all the jelly mean in Candy Crush?

Jelly levels (also known as Clear all the jelly levels) is one of the seven level types in Candy Crush Saga. This level type’s icon is blue with a white square. Jelly levels first appear in Candy Town, the first episode, with the first jelly level being level 6. The panel shows how many jellies you need to clear [e.g. 45 jellies].