How much oil does a R380 gearbox take?

How much oil does a R380 gearbox take?

The stated capacity is 2.73 litres but only 2.5 litres of fluid would go in, so I guess there must have been some old still inside.

What is a LT77 gearbox?

The LT77 is an updated version of an old Jaguar gearbox that found its way into current model British cars manufactured by British Leyland. Yes the distance between the main and lay shafts is 77 mm. There were two version of this gearbox. The earlier version is known as the short stick version.

Will a discovery gearbox fit a defender?

This Selector Shaft Adapter and quadrant is used convert a Discovery R380 to a Defender R380. Simply remove Discovery quadrant, fit the Syncro Gearboxes conversion quadrant, using your existing grub screw. This adapter kit can be fit with the box in situ, no need to remove or strip the box to install.

How much oil goes in a defender transfer box?

We have to fill the exact amount of oil. So, we have to refill exactly 2.3 liters of oil in the transfer case. Concerning the oil, the workshop manual talks about a SAE 75W90 API GL-4+5 oil.

What gearbox is in a Defender TD5?

R380 TD5
This is a fully re-conditioned R380 gearbox, including bell housing, top housing and linkage for a Defender with a TD5 Engine.

What does S mean in Range Rover?

To select Sport (S) mode from D, press the gear selector down and rotate to S. The relevant indicator lamp, by the gear selector, illuminates to confirm selection. The transmission remains in the lower gears for longer, improving mid-range performance.

What does the name R380 gearbox stand for?

The R380 name stands for “Rated to 380 Nm input”. But the R380 still has the LT77’s 77 mm shaft spacing. Since Rover was no longer part of British Leyland the LT prefix was abandoned.

What kind of oil should I use in my R380 gearbox?

When you have worked this out you can adjust the screws the springs are resting on to lean the stick left or right until it shifts better. What oil should I use in my R380 gearbox? The oil recommended by Land Rover is MTF94. However we have recently found this oil to give better results ATF

What should 5th gear ratio be on your 380?

If you would like your R 380 fitted with these bearings pls request ‘HD rear support bearings’ when ordering. All TDi and TD5 R380 5th gear ratios are 0.77; the V8 ratio is 0.732 which is approx 5% higher. We are able to fit these higher ratio 5th gears to the TDi and TD5 boxes for an additional £130 if required.

Why is my R380 gearbox not working properly?

A common fault on the early R380 gearboxes was the 4th gear baulk ring. The slot locating the synchro slipper wears and allows the baulk ring to rotate too far. This blocks the synchro assembly. It will be necessary to rebuild the gearbox, and replacing the baulk ring with a later type will eliminate this fault.