Is there a studio version of Powderfinger?

Is there a studio version of Powderfinger?

On Monday, Neil Young shared a previously-unreleased studio recording of his song “Powderfinger”. Produced by Young alongside David Briggs, this rendition features Frank “Poncho” Sampedro on guitar, Billy Talbot on bass, and Ralph Molina on drums.

What is the meaning of Neil Young song Powderfinger?

“Powderfinger” is an inscrutable rock & roll koan: a song sung by a dead man, but full of life and longing. The narrator, just turned 22, was leaving boyhood behind by defending his family’s land against a gunboat coming up the river. The day he became an adult, however, was also the day he died.

Why is Powderfinger called Powderfinger?

The band’s name comes from Young’s song of the same name. Despite their popularity in Brisbane, when playing a heavy metal gig in Newcastle, New South Wales, in 1990, Powderfinger were booed off stage.

Is Powderfinger about the Civil War?

It’s about a Civil War era guy seeing a modern-day coast guard or police boat heading up the river. The Civil War guy doesn’t understand what the boat is about, so he describes it in Civil War era terms (it’s got numbers on the side, and a gun, and it’s making big waves).

Are Powderfinger getting back together?

Powderfinger gets the band back together after ten years in support of Beyond Blue and Support Act. Australian band Powderfinger will perform for the first time in 10 years to bring some happiness to fans and support people in the music industry and those experiencing mental health issues.

What guitars do Powderfinger use?


  • Fender.
  • Gretsch.

What was Powderfingers first song?

Hottest 100 Peak: 6 Powderfinger’s first charting single, ‘Pick You Up’ was a departure from the grunge rock of their debut album, Parables For Wooden Ears. Their first track to score widespread airplay, this tune was a historic moment for the group, as they gave us an idea of what was yet to come.