Is Tokyo Otaku Mode in Japan?

Is Tokyo Otaku Mode in Japan?

Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) is the world’s largest Japanese pop culture community with over 20 million fans on its Facebook page. TOM broadcasts the latest in Japanese pop culture to the world and provides services to support the display and exchange of user-created content.

Is otaku mode trusted?

Otaku Mode is a 100% legit online store. Otaku Mode carries a wide range of authentic products, ship worldwide, and even offer a premium membership that allows loyal fans to get special deals on all of their favorite anime and Japanese memorabilia.

Who owns Tokyo otaku?

Tomo Kamei
My name is Tomo Kamei, the Founder of Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Where is Tokyo Otaku Mode based?

Shibuya Ward
(headquarters: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo), on the 6th floor, which will have the theme TOKYO CULTURE. Tokyo Otaku Mode TOKYO is scheduled to open simultaneously with Shibuya PARCO’s reopening.

What currency does Tokyo Otaku Mode use?

TOM Points
TOM Points are like an otaku currency usable on TOM shop and TOM Projects! Each time you earn TOM Points they become usable on your next order.

Is Solaris Japan trustworthy?

SolarisJapan’s Quality Builds Customer Confidence since I have been purchasing products from them, the quality and state of all figures have given me a high confidence that even when purchasing pre-owned figures they are in near perfect state. I highly recommend SolarisJapan.

Does otaku mode charge for preorders?

Pre-order products are charged immediately upon checkout.

Is CDJapan legit?

Is cdjapan a scam or a legit company? Answer: CDJapan is a legit but prideful company. They won’t listen to customers’ requests and informations.

Why are anime figures so expensive?

The more units of an anime figure that a merchandise company makes, the cheaper the costs for them because they can buy the materials that are unique to one particular figure in bulk. The anime’s production company does smaller batches, so they know that they aren’t going to waste money on unsold products.

Does Tokyo Otaku Mode restock?

Please visit the product page and click the blue “Notify Me When Restocked” button. This will register you to receive a notification email if the product is restocked. If the item is out of stock, but there is no blue “Notify Me When Restocked” button on the product page, it means the item is no longer available.

Do Tom points expire?

All TOM Points expire 60 days from the last time you earned points. However, the expiration of all TOM Points is reset each time you earn TOM Points. Note: Discounts such as TOM Points and coupons cannot be applied to shipping fees, and can only be applied to the subtotal of your order.