Is Yahoo ID the same as Yahoo email?

Is Yahoo ID the same as Yahoo email?

Your main Yahoo Mail account uses your Yahoo ID in your email address ([email protected]). To help protect your Yahoo ID while you’re sending and receiving email messages, you can use a Yahoo email alias instead of your main Yahoo email address.

How can I find my Yahoo ID by name?

Click on the name of the person you are looking for to get the full email address. The part before the “” is their Yahoo! ID. For instance, if their email address is [email protected] then their Yahoo ID would be “guy34”.

How can I access my old email account?

The best thing that you can do is to use the provider to find the old email account or old messages. All of the major providers, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL, have recovery tools available. If the email address is from a lesser player in the email game, again, you might be out of luck.

How do I create a Yahoo ID?

Visit the Yahoo! link listed in Resources. Click “Mail” and then “Create New Account.”. An account setup page will open. Enter you name, gender, birthday, country and postal code in the text boxes provided. Enter an ID in the text box labeled, “Yahoo! ID and Email.”. Click “Check” to see if the ID is available.

How do you get a new Yahoo! ID?


  • Personal Information The top section of the registration covers: Your name Gender Birthday Country you are from.
  • Select an ID and Password First is you Yahoo!
  • Alternate Email Address Enter an alternative email address.
  • Secret Questions These secret questions are used to confirm your identity when recovering your password or id.
  • How do you login to Yahoo?

    Login Step-by-step Instructions Go to from your preferred internet browser. Look in the top right hand corner for the white and purple rectangular button that says “Sign in”. Click on this button to start the Yahoo account login process. Enter your Yahoo email and click the blue button that says “Next”.

    How do I Find my Yahoo email address?

    Finding a Yahoo! email address is fairly easy, except you’ll likely have to pay to see it in its entirety when you’ve finished your search. Navigate to the Yahoo! Enter the person’s first and last name (the last name is required) and click on “Search.”. Select the person’s name and email address on the search list.