The Latest Pest Control Tech Gadgets Reviewed

The Latest Pest Control Tech Gadgets Reviewed

The latest pest control gadgets have revolutionised pest control businesses. These technology gadgets have added measurable value to the pest control industry making it easy and efficient to operate and deliver results that satisfy customers. Let us review some of the wonderful pest control technology gadgets that are worth using:

Bug or Fly Zapper

Flies can be a problem for both residential homes and commercial premises. Parts of London and the UK saw a plague of house fly infestations across the country last summer. Restaurant businesses are often particularly inconvenienced by flies. The bug zapper is an electrical discharge insect control system that attracts insects/ flies/bugs towards it. There are a variety of devices on the market using different technologies to ward off bugs. Some of these electronic pest control devices use bionic waves, whereas some devices use electromagnetic waves and ultrasonic waves to kill bugs by attacking their tiny nervous system. Usually, a green light from these devices emits bionic waves for the lowest level of infestation. On the other hand, blue light and red light emit electromagnetic wave that helps with medium and high-level infestation respectively. All these insect killers use one form or the other to help you ward off bugs.

Solar Sonic Mole Deterrent

There are more rodents coming into our gardens than ever before. And what better way of energising a deterrant than by using the sun’s natural rays. More and more equipment and household systems are being powered by solar than ever before too. Greener ways of powering gadgets is the way forward for technology. The solar-powered mole deterrent is the perfect latest gadget that is green and non-lethal, but very effective to keep moles and other burrowing rodents away from your garden. The device is very easy to use, as you just need to insert it in the ground close to the mole hole and switch it on. The device emits a sonic pulse charged by photovoltaic cells to start its action on moles, rats and mice. These sonic pulses penetrate the soil every 30 seconds or as per the set time, generating a sound that is highly irritating to moles and rodents, forcing them to leave your property.

Thermal and Cold Foggers

Efficient thermal and cold foggers are available on the market and are used to spray disinfectants, biocides, fungicides and pesticides in the form of fog in the air to kill insects. Industry professionals consider fogging as one of the most efficient method of controlling pests. Insects can be a real problem for both homeowners and businesses. They multiply alarming fast, meaning that in a matter of days they can become a serious infestation that is hard to get rid of.

Exacticide Duster Kits

The Exacticide duster kit is actually a useful handheld, battery-powered device that sprays dust and granules with quite a high degree ofprecision to exterminate pests. Exacticide eradicates the need for overuse of material or treatment chemicals. This is achieved by enabling you to apply the exact amount of baits/dust for getting rid of pests. The kit is very easy to use and effective in eliminating pests from your environment.

Electronic Bird Repellent Devices

Birds are more than just a nuisance. Their droppings can be a serious health hazard, and can also cause corrosive damage to buildings. There are electronic bird repellent devices available on the market that keep away birds from your roof and balcony. According to Glen, the head technician at Diamond Pest Control, there are several devices that have proven to be very effective in their London based operation. You can easily place these devices outside, Glen goes on to say, as these are resistant to weather.

An added benefit is that you can also adjust the frequency range of many of these gadgets. These devices generate sound waves within the range of 15 kHz to 25 kHz. The sound is not audible to the human ear. As soon as a bird is within range, it gets irritated with the sound waves and flies away from the affected zone.

There are many more pest control technology devices and gadgets available to control all types of pests from mosquitoes, termites and wasps, to rodents, ants, fleas and cockroaches. You just need to hire the best pest control service professionals, or may wish to buy the latest gadgets yourself to eliminate pests from your commercial and residential buildings. Pests pose some serious threats to humans if not eliminated in time. Their fast breeding population can spread some serious diseases. You can get exteremely stressed if you are constantly burdened with managing pests. To keep yourself safe and less frazzled, do read about the amazing pest control gadgets that help you control pests in the easiest way. The latest technology gadgets have made it super easy to keep your space clean and free from pest infestations.