What does Sbfm stand for?

What does Sbfm stand for?


Acronym Definition
SBFM Smith Barney Fund Management (investing)
SBFM Small Business Financial Manager (Microsoft)
SBFM Smooth Basis Function Minimization (algorithm)
SBFM Service de Biophysique des Fonctions Membranaires

What is the abbreviation for this molecule?

mol. (molecule, molecular) bimol.

What is the abbreviation for antibiotic?

List of medical abbreviations: A

Abbreviation Meaning
ABVD Doxorubicin (adriamycin), bleomycin, vinblastine, dacarbazine (first-line treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma)
ABX antibiotics
a.c. AC before a meal (from Latin ante cibum)
AC abdominal circumference assisted controlled ventilation acromioclavicular joint antecubital fossa

What is abbreviation for Global?

§ 4-100. Words Abbreviated in Case Names

Term Abbreviation Example
Global Glob. «e.g.»
Government Gov’t «e.g.»
Group Grp. «e.g.»
Guaranty Guar. «e.g.»

What does MAC stand for in chemistry?

MAC – Mobile Analytical Chemical.

What does IP stand for in chemistry?

Optimising a process, developing a new formulation, finding a new use for a compound, upgrading a reactor – chemists and chemical engineers are constantly innovating. This innovation can generate Intellectual Property (IP) – intangible assets that can be used by an enterprise to create value.

What does Abt stand for in nursing?

ABT = antibiotic therapy. ac = before meals (ante cibum)

What does D t mean medical?

Delirium tremens: A central nervous system symptom of alcohol withdrawal that is seen in chronic alcoholism. Symptoms include uncontrollable trembling, hallucinations, severe anxiety, sweating, and sudden feelings of terror. Abbreviated DTs.

What is the abbreviation for worldwide?

Acronym Definition
WW Worldwide
WW Wild World (Animal Crossing video game)
WW Wonder Woman (TV show)
WW Weight Watchers International, Inc.