What happened michael k Williams?

What happened michael k Williams?

Michael K. Williams, the actor who brought a hard-edge charisma to his portrayal of Omar Little, the sawed-off-shotgun-wielding stickup man on the pioneering HBO series “The Wire,” was found dead on Monday in his home in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. He was 54.

How did michael k Williams pass?

And today those words won’t come.” The star was found dead in his New York apartment on Monday. US media quoted law enforcement sources as saying he died from a suspected drug overdose, but that has not been confirmed. In The Wire, he played Omar Little, a gay, streetwise robber of drug gangs.

Is Michael K Williams dead?

Deceased (1966–2021)
Michael K. Williams/Living or Deceased

How did Wire actor died?

Police say the 54-year-old Michael K. Williams, who played the character Omar Little, was discovered by a family member. Drug paraphernalia was found at the scene, authorities say. The NYPD says his death was being investigated as a possible drug overdose, but the medical examiner will determine the official cause.

How old is Michael Kenneth Williams?

54 years (1966–2021)
Michael K. Williams/Age at death

Who died in Hollywood 2021?

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Where is Kenneth Williams buried?

Kenneth Williams

Birth 22 Feb 1926 Islington, London Borough of Islington, Greater London, England
Death 15 Apr 1988 (aged 62) Camden Town, London Borough of Camden, Greater London, England
Burial East Finchley Cemetery and Crematorium East Finchley, London Borough of Barnet, Greater London, England

Was Kenneth Williams a smoker?

‘ He was in pain (‘oh, this bloody ulcer and spastic colon’), he had given up smoking (a lifelong recreation), and he was waiting to go into hospital (‘how I HATE those places’) for an operation he dreaded.

Who plays Omar on The Wire?

Michael K. WilliamsThe Wire
Omar Little/Played by
Critically acclaimed actor Michael K. Williams was found dead in his New York City apartment Monday. One of his most notable roles was that of Omar Little from HBO’s The Wire.