What happens if I go to Mura Masa year?

What happens if I go to Mura Masa year?

“Love for That”, featuring vocals from British synth-pop musician Shura, was released as a buzz single for the album in October 2015, but did not make the album’s final cut. The album’s lead single, “What If I Go?”, was released in April 2016.

Who is Mura Masa signed to?

Jakarta Records
Interscope RecordsPolydor RecordsDowntown Records
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Why is Mura Masa called Mura Masa?

The name Mura Masa comes from infamous Japanese sword-smith Muramasa Sengo, which is quite fitting for 19-year-old singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Crossan, whose unique musical production has been said to “cut like a knife”.

What genre is Mura Masa?

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How old is Mura Masa?

25 years (April 5, 1996)
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Is Mura Masa English?

Mura Masa, a 21-year-old British artist, is signed to his own record label, Anchor Point Records, along with other British artist Bonzai.

Is Mura Masa British?

Alexander Crossan (born 5 April 1996), also known by the stage name Mura Masa, is a Guernsey-born electronic music producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Crossan is perhaps best known for his song “Lovesick”, which reached number one on the Spotify Viral charts in the United Kingdom and the United States.

What if I go Mura Masa singer?

Mura Masa
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How did Mura Masa get famous?

Crossan, who makes forward-thinking, irresistible tracks as Mura Masa, found a community of like-minded artists and a legion of loyal fans on SoundCloud, and gained traction when his self-released 2014 track “Lotus Eater” began to get spins on BBC Radio 1.

How old is Mura masa?

When did Mura Masa debut album Come Out?

Mura Masa is the self-titled debut studio album by Guernsey-born music producer Alex Crossan, under his alias Mura Masa. It was released on 14 July 2017 by Polydor, Interscope, Downtown and Anchor Point Records. The album was produced and recorded by Crossan from 2014 to 2016, and has guest features by A. K.

What kind of music does Mura Masa play?

“Messy Love” opens the album with wavy, offbeat percussive tones (halfway between steel drums and chimes) and hand claps, along with Crossan ‘s own Auto-Tune-drenched vocals. After the requisite choppy vocals form the track’s bridge, a watery, bubbly guitar solo brings the track to a close.

What are the songs on Mura Masa by Charli XCX?

Charli XCX provides one of the album’s most bubblegummy moments with the thumb piano-laced dance-pop tune “1 Night,” but much more affecting is “What If I Go?,” featuring Crossan ‘s longtime collaborator (and relative unknown) Bonzai.

When did Mura Masa win a Grammy Award?

Crossan’s remix of Haim ‘s “Walking Away” won Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on 10 February 2019. ^ “Mura Masa previews new music in an album documentary”.