What is a good price for a used 350Z?

What is a good price for a used 350Z?

Used 2009 Nissan 350Z Pricing It starts at just over $36,500 for a base Enthusiast model with manual transmission and tops out at just over $43,000 for the primo Grand Touring version with an automatic.

How much does a manual 350Z cost?

350Z Trims

Convertible Original MSRP / Price Transmission
350Z 2dr Roadster Man Grand Touring $40,980 / $37,949 6-Speed Manual / 5-Speed Shiftable Automatic
350Z 2dr Roadster Man Touring $38,630 / $35,777 6-Speed Manual / 5-Speed Shiftable Automatic

How much does a 350Z go for?

Make Avg Price Last 30 Days
Nissan 350Z $12,940 +1.22%
2003 Nissan 350Z $12,324 -1.86%
2004 Nissan 350Z $11,972 +0.03%
2005 Nissan 350Z $12,325 +2.95%

Is a 350Z a good second car?

Yes, absolutely buy a used Nissan 350Z. It’s a superb sports car with all the right ingredients: a raucous soundtrack, rear-wheel drive, sharp steering, excellent grip, and two seats. The steering wheel adjusts for height only, and the instrument cluster moves with it.

Is the Nissan 350Z a reliable car?

Overall, the 350z is considered to be a very reliable car relative to its corner of the market. There are only a minor few potential issues you should clear before moving forward with a purchase, mostly related to alignment, oil system, and cabin details.

Are Nissan 350Z good cars?

The 350z is an inexpensive, reliable, and fun car, with all the modern safety features. The used market is full of good examples at low prices. It’s not a very practical car, and you might find yourself wanting a little more room.

Does Nissian 350Z have back seats?

Removing the seats in a Nissan 350Z is very straightforward. There are only two seats to remove, as the car does not have back seats. The seats can be unbolted quickly and removed to be repaired or to have replacement seats installed.

What is a 350Z car?

Nissan 350Z. The Nissan 350Z (known as Nissan Fairlady Z (Z33) in Japan) is a two-door, two-seater sports car that was manufactured by Nissan Motors from 2002 to 2009 and marks the fifth generation of Nissan’s Z-car line.