What is Cisco UCS C240?

What is Cisco UCS C240?

The Cisco UCS C240 M5 Rack Server is a 2-socket, 2-Rack-Unit (2RU) rack server offering industry-leading performance and expandability. It supports a wide range of storage and I/O-intensive infrastructure workloads, from big data and analytics to collaboration.

What is UCS C240 M3?

The Cisco UCS C240 M3 offers up to 768 GB of RAM, 24 drives, and four 1GE LAN interfaces built into the motherboard to provide outstanding levels of internal memory and storage expandability along with exceptional performance.

What are the different kinds of UCS servers available?

UCS C-Series Rack Servers

  • UCS C125 M5 Rack Server.
  • UCS C220 M5 Rack Server.
  • UCS C240 M5 Rack Server.
  • UCS C240 SD M5 Rack Server.
  • UCS C480 M5 Rack Server.
  • UCS C480 ML M5 Rack Server.
  • Cisco UCS C4200 Series Rack Server Chassis.

What is Cisco UCS C-Series?

Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers deliver unified computing in an industry-standard form factor to reduce total cost of ownership and increase agility. Each product addresses varying workload challenges through a balance of processing, memory, I/O, and internal storage resources.

How does Cisco UCS work?

With Cisco UCS, servers are connected to the Fabric Interconnect, then the Fabric Interconnect is connected to the network switches. The Cisco Fabric Interconnect is ALWAYS deployed in pairs, and each server or blade chassis is connected to both Fabric Interconnects to protect against Fabric Interconnect failure.

What is Cisco UCS used for?

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is a data center server computer product line composed of computing hardware, virtualization support, switching fabric, and management software introduced in 2009 by Cisco Systems.

What kind of SSD do I need for my UCS C240 server?

Optionally, front-loading drive bays 1 and 2 support 2.5-inch NVMe SSDs. Optionally, the two rear-loading drive bays support up to two 2.5-inch SAS/SATA drives; or up to two 2.5-inch NVMe SSDs.

When did the Cisco C240 rack server come out?

Cisco UCS C240 M5 Rack Server Series Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers Overview Product Overview Status Orderable Buy Release Date 12-JUL-2017 Product ID View All PIDs

What can I do with a Cisco C240 M4 server?

The Cisco UCS C240 M4 Rack Server is an enterprise-class server designed to deliver exceptional performance, expandability, and efficiency for storage and I/O-intensive infrastructure workloads. This includes big data analytics, virtualization, and graphics-rich and bare-metal applications.

Where can I find the Cisco UCS server specs?

The Technical Specifications Sheets for all versions of this server, which include supported component part numbers, are at Cisco UCS Servers Technical Specifications Sheets (scroll down to Technical Specifications ). The following table lists a summary of server features.