What is Educomp smart class in schools?

What is Educomp smart class in schools?

Educomp SmartSchool is the next generation of Educomp’s SmartLearning suite of products for schools. Our 3D content immerses students into a new world of multi sensory learning, and the assessment system, Educomp Insight, allows schools and parents to track where students are, in their cognitive development.

In which year Smart class was launched by educomp?

EDUSAT launched on September 20, 2004 is the first exclusive satellite for serving the educational sector. It is specially configured for audio-visual medium, employing digital interactive classroom and multimedia multicentric system. The satellite will have multiple regional beams covering different parts of India.

How does Educomp smart class work?

The smartclass uses an innovative assessment methodology of using wireless handheld devices. Teachers can also create their own smart tests and use them in the class for assessment. For this purpose, a Test Authoring Tool has been added to the smartclass assessment application.

What happened educomp?

Cut to 2020, Prakash’s company Educomp Solutions is bankrupt and on February 11, he was booked by Central Board of Investigation (CBI). The CBI on February 11 registered a case against Educomp Solutions, Prakash and another individual for alleged bank fraud.

Who invented smart class?

Innovations In Class Room Teaching – Somerville School, Noida. The school has installed the Educomp SmartClass which is a digital initiative pioneered and invented by Educomp. Smart class is a way that teaches students What Learning Can Be. It’s a mode by which students are taught by modern means.

What is a SmartClass?

A Smart Class is edtech-upgraded classroom that cultivate education by opening doors to digital teaching and learning methods for both the teachers and the students by coordinating latest advancements in technology with academics.

What is the cost of smart class?

Department of Education, Govt of NCT of Delhi in the PAB 2018-19 got the approval of Rs 652.3 Lakhs for the proposal for setting up of Digital Board/ Smart Classroom at a cost of Rs 1.1 Lakh per classroom in 593 schools.

Is educomp a good buy?

In most segments, Educomp is the market leader with no serious competition. Based on estimated strong earnings growth and dearth of other similar investment options in education space, we recommend BUY on Educomp with 1-year target price of Rs817 (15x FY12E EPS).

Who owns educomp?

Shantanu Prakash
Educomp was a sort of star circa 2008-12. Founded and run by Shantanu Prakash, an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad and Delhi’s Shri Ram College of Commerce, it sold ‘Smartclass’ – hardware for digitally equipping classrooms – to thousands of schools and seemed to have hit upon a great idea in the ever-growing education sector.

Can smart class replace teachers?

Technology cannot replace a teacher. Technology is merely an augmentation to a teacher. It can help the process of learning, but it certainly cannot replace the role of the teacher. Children still need to learn computers to operate those online sessions, which of course are taught by teachers.

Are there any CBSE sample papers for chemistry class 11?

Along with that, we have also provided the set of unsolved CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers for Chemistry. Download them and start practising once you are done with the complete syllabus. Science stream students can also access the CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers for Maths, Physics and Biology subject by clicking here.

Which is an interesting subject in Class 11 CBSE?

Chemistry is an interesting subject as it gives knowledge about the behaviour of matter, composition, properties, etc. The Class 11 Chemistry practical exam syllabus is designed by CBSE in such a way that it evaluates a student’s expertise thoroughly.

Where to find chemistry index for Class 11?

This Class 11 Chemistry Index page contains all the topics that fall under each chapter of the class 11 chemistry syllabus as per the NCERT textbook. Students may follow the links on the subtopics to access free study material on the associated concepts (prepared by chemistry subject experts for CBSE students).

What happens at the end of Educomp Smartclass?

At the end of the class, the teacher asks a few random questions to assess how the class fared. Invariably a few hands (mostly of the same set of brightest students in class), go up, the answers are given and the class ends. Educomp smartclass brings about a complete transformation in classrooms.