What is Tell Them From Me survey?

What is Tell Them From Me survey?

Tell Them From Me® (TTFM) is a suite of surveys for measuring student engagement and wellbeing. The surveys can be used to capture student, parent and teacher voices, providing reliable evidence for schools to use in identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Are tell them from me surveys anonymous?

The teacher survey is anonymous and can be used either as a one-off survey or to identify trends within schools over time and better inform school priorities The survey is held once a year, and is run at the same time as the Partners in Learning parent survey and the second optional student survey.

What CESE 2020 best?

The ‘What works best: 2020 update’ outlines eight quality teaching practices that are known to support school improvement and enhance the learning outcomes of our students.

What CESE means?


Acronym Definition
CESE Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering
CESE Certified Expert Security Executive (Lunarline School of Cybersecurity; various locations)
CESE Civil Engineering Support Equipment
CESE Communications Equipment Support Element (TRI-TAC)

What does tell them from me survey do?

The Tell Them From Me student survey will provide school principals and school leaders with insight into student engagement, wellbeing and effective teaching practices at their school, from the perspective of students.

How long does the NSW Student Survey take?

The student survey is conducted entirely online during specific survey windows. This will be during Term 1 for the first survey and Term 3 for the optional second survey. The survey will take 15 to 20 minutes on average and no more than 30 minutes for most students.

How does tell them from me help schools?

Tell Them From Me is an online survey system that assists schools to capture the views of students, teachers and parents. The following case studies highlight how a variety of government schools have used Tell Them From Me survey data to identify and make broad improvements to student engagement, wellbeing and teaching practices.

How is tell them from me data used?

How Tell Them From Me data is used for school planning and supporting system and school improvement. Learn about the support and training offered for NSW public schools participating in Tell Them From Me. Participating in the parent survey and how you can support your child’s participation in the student survey.