What is the best preserved temple in Agrigento?

What is the best preserved temple in Agrigento?

Temple of Concordia
It is the largest and best-preserved Doric temple in Sicily and one of the best-preserved Greek temples in general, especially of the Doric order….Temple of Concordia, Agrigento.

Temple of Concordia
Location Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Completed c. 440-430 BC
Renovated 1785
Affiliation Christian church (6th century-1785)

How many temples are in Agrigento?

8 temples
Today, the valley is a magnificent archaeological park of nearly 1,300 hectares. During your visit, you will be able to admire 8 temples, all built between 510 and 430 BC. Hera Temple (or Juno Temple), dedicated to Zeus’ wife. Burned down by the Carthaginians in 406, it had to be reconstituted.

What is Agrigento known for?

Agrigento is a major tourist centre due to its extraordinarily rich archaeological legacy. It also serves as an agricultural centre for the surrounding region.

What was the Valley of the Temples used for?

The Valley of the Temples is certainly the most important testimony of the ancient, classical culture of Sicily. It brings together the temples of gods goddesses as well as the area of the necropolis and sanctuaries outside the walls.

How old is the Valle dei Templi?

It is a Doric-style peripteral building measuring 43 m × 20.85 m (141.1 ft × 68.4 ft), mounted on a four-step crepidoma and having 6 x 13 columns; it dates to around 430 BC. It was built over an archaic sacellumm which measures 13.25 m × 6.50 m (43.5 ft × 21.3 ft). Its decoration, dating to ca.

Who built Valley of the Temples?

Valley of the Temples today The temple is believed to have been one of the first built by the area’s Greek tyrant, Theron. Destroyed by an earthquake, all that remains of the Temple of Herakles were 8 Doric columns.

Where is the Valley of the Temples in Italy?

The Valle dei Templi (Italian: [ˈvalle dei ˈtɛmpli]; Sicilian: Vaddi di li Tempri), or Valley of the Temples, is an archaeological site in Agrigento (ancient Greek Akragas), Sicily.

Who built the Valley of the Temples?

Which Sicilian city is the site of the ancient Greek city of akragas?

Akragas (Site)

Summary: One of the most prosperous of the Greek cities of Sicily and a rival to Syracuse in power.
Type: Fortified city
Region: Sicily

What type of building is the Valley of the Temples?

The temples show off a Doric style of architecture. The area is a World Heritage Site. It’s one of the best preserved and largest Greek archeological sites outside of Greece. The largest Doric temple in existence is here.

Who built Valle dei Templi?

Olympian Zeus
Temple of Olympian Zeus, built in 480 BC to celebrate the city-state’s victory over Carthage. It is characterized by the use of large scale atlases. Temple of Castor and Pollux. Despite its remains including only four columns, it is now the symbol of modern Agrigento.

Where are the Ancient Greek temples in Sicily?

Its ridge is lined with temples — once a religious ensemble serving your every need. Today these substantial ruins offer a textbook study of the elements of the classic Greek temple. A two-hour drive takes us the city of Agrigento, and the most impressive ancient site in Sicily: Its ridge lined with Greek temples.

How did the temple of Agrigento become a basilica?

The temple was converted into a Christian basilica in the 6th century dedicated to the apostles Peter and Paul by San Gregorio delle Rape, bishop of Agrigento and thus survived the destruction of pagan places of worship. The spaces between the columns were filled with walling, altering its Classical Greek form.

Where is the temple of Concordia in Sicily?

The Temple of Concordia ( Italian: Tempio della Concordia) is an ancient Greek temple in the Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples) in Agrigento (Greek: Akragas) on the south coast of Sicily, Italy. It is the largest and best-preserved Doric temple in Sicily and one of the best-preserved Greek temples in…

How tall is the temple of Zeus in Agrigento?

Its impressive foundations and the monumental altar of the Temple of Olympian Zeus are testimony to the greatest Doric temple of all of the West. Erected to celebrate the victory in the battle of Himera, it was 30 metres in height.