What radio station is the AFL game on?

What radio station is the AFL game on?

Live coverage of AFL 2021 matches are broadcast each week on: ABC Radio and ABC NewsRadio: find the AM/FM frequency in your area. Digital Radio on ABC SPORT.

How can I listen to the AFL broadcast?

Step 1: Click on your desired match through the ‘Matches’ section. Step 2: Click the green play icon down the bottom. Step 3: Click ‘Listen Live’. Step 4: Click on Triple M to hear all the action.

What radio station is broadcasting the football?

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC Radio 5 Live has been the Premier League’s national radio partner since the League began in 1992. Providing live commentaries and an on-site reporter at every match, for the three seasons from 2019/20 to 2021/22, BBC Radio 5 Live will audio broadcast approximately 140 live Premier League matches each season.

How can I listen to the footy?


  1. PRE-GAME: 3AW App or click here.
  2. MATCH STREAM: AFL app or website.
  3. POST-MATCH REVIEW: 3AW App or click here.

What number is 3aw on radio?

693 kHz AM
3AW is a talkback radio station based in Melbourne. It is broadcast on 693 kHz AM. It began transmission on 22 February 1932 as Melbourne’s fifth commercial radio station….3AW.

Broadcast area Melbourne RA1
Frequency AM: 693 kHz DAB+: 9B Melbourne
Language(s) English
Format Talk radio

Why is 5 Live not on FM?

So, if the stations are broadcasting over an FM channel, 5 Live is available there for a short time. 5 Live’s sister channel 5 Live Sports Extra operates part time to broadcast additional sport coverage. It also doesn’t output on FM, being exclusively digital, via various TV providers and through the internet.

What radio frequency is sen?


Frequency Broadcast area Power W
1593 kHz AM Melbourne 5,000
Frequency Broadcast area ERP W
89.1 MHz FM Mildura 98.4

Why can’t I get 3AW on my digital radio?

3AW’s DAB+ digital transmission is currently unavailable. A power problem at the Telstra exchange at Mount Dandenong, due to the wild weather yesterday, has caused the issue. Our AM radio and internet streams (app and website) remain unaffected.

Which is the best radio station for AFL?

AFL – ABC Radio ABC Sport – The best sport conversations, interviews and live Grandstand coverage from around the country. Skip to main content ABC SPORT linkListen Live Menu Home Podcasts AFL NRL Cricket More More… AFL audio “This group of players have plenty of life in them”

Who are the announcers for the AFL championship game?

The following is a list of the television networks and announcers that broadcast the American Football League Championship Game during its existence. After 1969, the AFL merged with the National Football League. Thereafter, the American Football Conference Championship Game replaced the AFL Championship Game. ^ “1968 NFL-AFL Commentator Crews”.

Who is AFL player on 3AW Grandstand Digital?

Direct Links to Game Feeds Radio Station Link to AFANA AFL Radio Player ABC 774 AFANA Player for ABC Radio AFL ABC Grandstand Digital AFANA Player for Grandstand Digital Radi SEN AFANA Player for SEN Radio AFL 3AW AFANA Player for 3AW Radio AFL

Who is the GM of the West Coast AFL?

West Coast GM of Football Craig Vozzo has pointed at reduced access to players over the pre-season, lengthy games and reduced rotations as major contributing factors to a savage injury toll in the AFL in 2021. 10mins 35secs Sat 8 May 2021, 2:37pm