What size tires fit 16×8 wheels?

What size tires fit 16×8 wheels?

Anything between 245/75 and 285/75 goes well on a 8×16 wheel.

Is 4×4 the same as 4X100 bolt pattern?

GEMmechanic;21930: Other than stud thread sizes, the rear brake assemblies of all four stud GEMs are the same all the way back. All of these are 4X100.

Are all 4 lug rims the same size?

Moderator. Not all 4 stud wheels are the same Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) although a 100 PCD is most common. Use this wheel suppliers site and key in each of the two cars and you’ll that Acura wheels should mount on the Rio.

What is J in rim size?

What does the letter J after the wheel width mean?

Markings Applications
G,H Heavy trucks
J Passenger cars
JJ 4×4
P,K Antique cars such as Bentleys and old Jaguars

What is a 4×4 lug pattern?

A 4 on 4 inch bolt pattern is measured diagonally on center. The first number indicates the number of lug holes and the second number indicates the diameter of the circle that those holes sit on.

Are Dodge and Ford 8 lug rims interchangeable?

Here’s the “lowdown.” 8 lug Dodge wheels will fit from ’61 on, unless Dodge has recently gone “German.” Ford is pretty much the same, ’60’s on, as long as the wheels have a 6-1/2″ bolt diameter.

Where can I buy custom 16×8 rims?

Buy 16×8 Rims – Custom 16×8 Wheels & Tires on Sale. Wheelfire has been a leader in the aftermarket industry for many years. Wheelfire is one of the largest wheel distributors in the United States, with thousands of 16×8 wheels sold all over the world.

Which is the best 16×8 performance plus tire?

The 81 Series O.E. 8 Lug Wheel is available in a brilliant show chrome finish in 16″ sizes only with an 8 lug on 6.5″ bolt pattern fitment for trucks. These steel 8 Lug Wheels are excellent … REV Wheels is a revolutionary wheel manufacturer providing the highest quality wheels through innovation and cutting edge style.

What kind of wheels do XXR wheels make?

For nearly 40 years, XXR Wheels have designed and manufactured aluminum alloy wheels for car manufacturers and numerous aftermarket wheel companies. XXR Wheels was created to fill a void in the afterm… These Street Lock wheels from Cragar feature D window cutout styling and have a beadlock look for extra eye appeal.

Is there a free Mount and balance for 16×8 wheels?

Free Mount & Balance with packaging! 16×8 +1mm Red Black Sale! Free Mount & Balance with packaging! Free Mount & Balance with packaging! Free Mount & Balance with packaging! Free Mount & Balance with packaging!