What tasks can you assign settlers in Fallout 4?

What tasks can you assign settlers in Fallout 4?

Crops, guard posts, scavenging stations, and stores all require assigned settlers to work.

How do you assign settlers to different settlements?

Open the Workshop menu and walk up to the settler you want to move. Move command should show up in the bottom command menu. Once you press it you will get a list of available settlements and the settler will go there. Just make sure you have enough resources at the target settlement to support new population.

How do I get more settlers to sanctuary?

Many random NPCs will talk to you about their woes, and you can provide them with a solution: come to Sanctuary. Once you’ve said all of the right things the settler or random person will ask if they can actually stay, at which point you can direct them to whichever of your owned settlements you want them to go to.

What do you need to make a settlement in Fallout 4?

Settlers are just as happy with a mattress on the floor as they are with full-sized beds. Settlers will produce food, should you build a garden or have Brahmin. To make a garden you must first find food that is plantable, like Tatos. This is a major factor for the success of your Settlement.

How does food assignment work in Fallout 4?

Still not sure what the settler:food/water consumption ratio is though, if it’s like 1 settler:1 unit of food/water, or something else. Pretty sure that 1 settler can farm 6 plots of food. If that is corn, the 1 settler provides 3 food. If it’s mutfruit, the settler provides 6 food.

How many Tatos can a settler make in Fallout 4?

One Settler can work up to 12 plants or 6 units of food – depending on how many food that plant says it produces. Most produce half a unit, hence the 12. Mutfruit is 1, so a Settler working 2 mutfruit could also work 8 tatos (to reach 6 food).

What do fed and watered settlers do in Fallout 4?

A fed and watered settler is a happy settler. But there’s more to Settler happiness than full bellies. They need flair in their lives, too. A dingy shack is just depressing, so spruce up those walls with paintings in the Decorations > Wall Decorations section.