Where can I get filled soul gems in Oblivion?

Where can I get filled soul gems in Oblivion?

Common locations

  • Buy from Aurelinwae or Calindil in the Mystic Emporium, Imperial City Market District.
  • Most Mages Guild Halls will have at least one grand soul gem for sale. These may also be pickpocketed from the merchant.
  • 4 gems can be obtained via the quest “Sins of the Father,” but they are not empty.

How do I get a soul in a soul gem in Oblivion?

Ranging from Petty Soul Gems to Grand Soul Gems, these can be used to house the souls of creatures after you kill them. To capture a soul, you’ll need to use a Soul Trap spell and then kill the enemy before it wears off. You’ll also have to have a Soul Gem large enough to carry that soul.

How do I get a black soul gem in Oblivion?

This occurs every eight days starting on the first day of play. An astral beam of light will fall onto the altar at midnight. Once an empty Grand Soul Gem has been placed in the altar cast a Soul Trap spell on the altar; the soul gem inside will be transformed into a Black Soul Gem.

Are black soul gems reusable?

The Black Star is a reusable Black Soul Gem that can be obtained during the quest of the same name. Additionally, Black Soul Gems are used in a number of Atronach Forge Recipes.

Where do you get a dark soul gem in Oblivion?

Specific spawn points There is one in Broken Fang Cave, in the master vampire ‘s chamber. In Windhelm, black soul gems can be found inside the hidden room in Hjerim after buying the arcane enchanter. There is a black soul gem in the Cracked Tusk Keep vault, to the right of the entrance, behind some iron bars.

Where are Grand soul gems found in Oblivion?

Grand Soul Gems are most easily found in the Mages Guilds or in dungeons at later levels.

Where can you find Grand soul gems on obliven?

Grand soul gems can always be found in the following places: Chorrol Mages Guild Hall – Two are located in a display case on the main floor (Very Hard lock). There are also three more in another display case. When the Hero first enters, they are through a door to the left.

How do you Soul Trap in Oblivion?

Soul Trap is a spell effect in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. To capture a soul, an empty Soul Gem (of the appropriate level or higher) is needed. Cast the ‘Soul Trap’ spell on the target, and slay it before the duration of the spell runs out.