Where should I stay when visiting the calanques?

Where should I stay when visiting the calanques?

The calanques can easily be visited as a day trip from Aix-en-Provence. But if you want to stay a little closer to the action, then Cassis or Marseille are generally the best options. If choosing to stay in Cassis, I can highly recommend Les Roches Blanches which you can read about here.

Are the calanques open?

The Calanques massif, like all the massifs in the Bouches-du-Rhône, is protected and subject to regulations in the summer period due to the risk of fires from 1st June to 30th September. Access roads to Calanques of Sormiou, Morgiou and Callelongue are regulated by municipal laws.

How do I get to Les calanques?

Take the metro to get Rond Point du Prado. From there there are a few buses that take you to different parts of Les Calanques. Take bus line 22 to Les Baumettes all the way to the end (about 20min). Then walk up the road two blocks and you’ll find the entrance to the hike.

Where are the calanques in France?

What And Where Are The Calanques? The Calanques are a series of rocky cliffs and bays between the city of Marseille and the town of Cassis, in the south of France. They’re essentially inlets that have been formed in the limestone cliffs, leaving behind a series of beautiful little bays.

How do you get to Calanque de sormiou?

To go to Sormiou: Take the bus 23 to « La Cayole » stop and walk 700 meters along the road until the parking next to the water treatment plant. To go to Morgiou: Take the bus 22 to the last stop « Les Baumettes » and walk 400 meters to reach the parc des Baumettes.

How do I get from Marseille to Cassis?

The best way to get from Marseille to Cassis is to bus which takes 38 min and costs €2. Alternatively, you can train, which costs €7 – €19 and takes 1h. Where does the Marseille to Cassis bus arrive? Marseille to Cassis bus services, operated by Lepilote, arrive at Augustin Isnard station.