Which CNY goodies have more calories?

Which CNY goodies have more calories?

Think before you stuff another delicious CNY treat down your throat. From fragrant, savoury bak kwa to buttery, flaky pineapple tarts, Chinese New Year treats probably contain more calories than you think. In fact, most of these bite-sized snacks are more calorific than a bowl of white rice.

Is nian gao high in calories?

Fried Nian Gao A 138-gram portion contains: 233 calories. 12.6 g fat. 16.5 g sugar.

How do you lose weight on Chinese New Year?

A Dietitian’s 7 Tips to Stay Healthy & Slim During Chinese New…

  1. Stay hydrated.
  2. Watch your portions.
  3. Snack less by not going on an empty stomach.
  4. Stay active.
  5. Get enough sleep.
  6. Eat selectively.
  7. Prepare a healthy reunion dinner.

Are love letters healthy?

Love letters, though thin and airy, contain more sugar than you think. At nearly 20g of sugar for four rolls, it is equivalent in sugar content to a banana muffin. According to the World Health Organisation, this makes up for 80% of daily recommended added sugar intake (25g).

Are love letters fattening?

For such a light and airy snack, love letters are pretty calorie-dense. Each piece contains 56 calories, and 0.9g of saturated fat, 4.7g of sugar, and 4.4mg of sodium.

What are CNY snacks?

Here are some of the most common Chinese New year snacks we all love:

  1. Rose Cookies. Believe it or not, these cookies actually originate in India.
  2. Bak Kua.
  3. Kuih Bangkit.
  4. Pineapple Tarts.
  5. Nian Gao.
  6. Love Letters.
  7. Arrowroot Chips.
  8. Mini Spring Rolls.

How do I eat healthy at CNY?

Tips to eat well for CNY

  1. Eat before visiting. You are more likely to overeat on an empty stomach.
  2. Go for fresh food over processed food. Choose healthier snacks like mandarin oranges.
  3. Practice portion control. Put your food onto a smaller plate to help you eat less.
  4. Plain water is best.
  5. Take it slow.

Can I exercise during Chinese New Year?

Here’s how to stay healthy and fit during the Chinese New Year festive season with some physical activity and exercise. Yes, it is possible to maintain an active routine during the festive season, despite the rushing around to visit family and friends.

How many calories are in love letters?

LOVE LETTERS Each piece contains 56 calories, and 0.9g of saturated fat, 4.7g of sugar, and 4.4mg of sodium.

What CNY goodies to buy?

Best Chinese New Year Goodies 2021

  1. Pineapple Tarts – KELE Pineapple Tarts.
  2. Salted Egg Fish Skin – The Golden Duck. Source:
  3. Kueh Bangkit – Season Confectionary and Bakery.
  4. Bak Kwa – Lim Chee Guan.
  5. Peanut Cookies – Smiling Orchid.
  6. Kueh Bahulu – Warisan Recipe.
  7. Prawn Roll – Tai Sun.
  8. Love Letters – Wang Lye.

Why are eggrolls called love letters?

Have you ever wondered why these are called Love Letters? In the past, legend has that these egg rolls were actually used to convey letters and notes between lovers. The golden color and the shape of these Love Letters represent gold bars which is an auspicious item for Chinese and the eggs signifies fertility.

What kind of cookies are low in calories?

This crisp, rolled cookie is made with coconut milk, flour, sugar and eggs. Because love letters are so light tasting and melt in your mouth in seconds, it’s easy to assume that they’re low in calories, but surprise, they are actually calorie bombs. 3. BAK KWA

How many calories are in Chinese New Year Goodies?

Unfortunately, most traditional New Year goodies pack quite a caloric punch and offer little nutritional value. Many treats are high in sugar and fat, and excessive consumption can be very unhealthy for you, even if it’s just “once a year”. Here’s the low down on some common goodies and their damage.

How many calories in 3 small green peas cookies?

We sure hate how these seemingly small and innocent cookies are so sinful. You might think that green peas are healthy but since they are already processed and made into cookies, the calorie count for 3 small cookies is a whopping 160. Lovely to much on indeed, but so very horribly bad for our waistline!