Who owns Sutton Scarsdale Hall?

Who owns Sutton Scarsdale Hall?

English Heritage
Ruined and rotting, the Hall was listed for demolition until, with just one day to spare, Osbert Sitwell from Renishaw Hall bought it. The Hall is now owned by English Heritage who are carrying out major conservation work that started in 2016.

Who lived in Sutton Scarsdale Hall?

Robert married Frances Crawford Kemble, who came from a very famous acting family from Newcastle, and in time they moved to Sutton Scarsdale. When Robert died in 1859 only Godfrey – one of their five sons – was still living. His inheritance was short-lived as he died just a few years later.

Who built Sutton Scarsdale?

Francis Smith of Warwick
Sutton Scarsdale Hall was built in the Baroque style on the site of an existing house between 1724 and 1729 for the 4th Earl of Scarsdale. The architect for the new hall was Francis Smith of Warwick, who skilfully incorporated the earlier building of about 1469 within his design.

Where is Scarsdale in the UK?

Sutton Scarsdale is a village in Derbyshire, England. It is in the North East Derbyshire district. It is very close to the M1 motorway. It is in the civil parish of Sutton cum Duckmanton….

Sutton Scarsdale
Shire county Derbyshire
Region East Midlands
Country England
Sovereign state United Kingdom

What happened to Sutton Scarsdale Hall?

In 1946, the estate was bought by Sir Osbert Sitwell of Renishaw Hall, with the intention of preserving the remaining shell as a ruin. The Hall is now in the care of English Heritage, although as of June 2019 access to the interior was unavailable during a conservation project.

Where is Sutton Scarsdale Hall in Chesterfield Derbyshire?

Sutton Scarsdale Hall is a Grade I listed Georgian ruined stately home in Sutton Scarsdale, just outside Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

How did the Sutton Scarsdale estate get sold?

The whole of the Sutton Scarsdale Estate including the hall was sold in lots at auction – the roof was stripped of lead and the massive wooden joists removed leaving the Hall a derelict shell.

Is the Church of Sutton Scarsdale still roofless?

Roofless since 1919, when its interiors were dismantled and some exported to America, there is still much to discover within, including traces of sumptuous plasterwork. Adjacent to the parish church, Sutton Scarsdale Hall is set amid open grassed land, with beautiful views, sloping down toward a ha-ha ditch.

What kind of wood is in Sutton Scarsdale Hall?

On a scale and quality with Chatsworth House, internally it featured both oak ornamental panels and stucco plasterwork by Italian craftsmen Francesco Vassalli and the brothers Giuseppe and Adalberto Artari; carved Adamesque fireplaces in both marble and Blue John, and a carved mahogany staircase.