What is partially submerged?

What is partially submerged?

Emergents are plants that grow with the roots and some portions of the stems and foliage partially submerged in water; the plants’ upper portions are visible above the water. Submergent plants are totally submerged, with all parts growing under water. Floating plants are not rooted like emergent or submergent plants.

What does submerge mean definition?

transitive verb. 1 : to put under water. 2 : to cover or overflow with water. 3 : to make obscure or subordinate : suppress personal lives submerged by professional responsibilities.

What do these words mean submerged?

to put or sink below the surface of water or any other enveloping medium. to cover or overflow with water; immerse. to cover; bury; subordinate; suppress: His aspirations were submerged by the necessity of making a living.

What does disdainfully mean?

: full of or expressing contempt for someone or something regarded as unworthy or inferior : full of or expressing scorn or disdain a disdainful glare is disdainful of all modern art.

Is water lettuce partially submerged?

Reproduction of water lettuce is vegetative through the use of stolons and may be propagated through division of these or via seeds covered with sand and kept partially submerged in water.

Which of the following plants grow partially submerged in water?

The only angiosperms capable of growing completely submerged in seawater are the seagrasses. Examples are found in genera such as Thalassia and Zostera. An aquatic origin of angiosperms is supported by the evidence that several of the earliest known fossil angiosperms were aquatic.

What is the opposite of submerge?

submerge. Antonyms: raise, extricate, educe. Synonyms: drown, plunge, overwhelm, deluge, inundate, fink, steep, immerse.

What is the difference between sink and submerge?

As verbs the difference between submerge and sink is that submerge is to sink out of sight while sink is (ergative) to descend or submerge (or to cause to do so) into a liquid or similar substance.

How do you use submerged in a sentence?

Submerged sentence example

  1. The submerged stems are slender or hollow.
  2. She grimaced and submerged her arm to the elbow to reach the twinkling gem.
  3. The city was completely destroyed and partly submerged by the great earthquake of the 28th of October 1746, in which about 6000 persons perished.

What’s the opposite of submerged?

What does submerged mean in Urban Dictionary Dictionary?

under the surface of water or any other enveloping medium; inundated. hidden, covered, or unknown: There are many submerged facts which could have a bearing on the case. poverty-stricken; destitute; impoverished: a program to aid the submerged socioeconomic groups.

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How did the boy get submerged in water?

Monsoon rains sparked widespread flooding that submerged the camp in water. The boy had his head and upper body submerged in the largest one, as he tried to reach something at the bottom.