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How One Technology is Changing the Restaurant Industry

How One Technology is Changing the Restaurant Industry

We are living in an era of technological explosions, with new inventions hitting the market all the time. When considering which technology will give your business a boost, it’s important to identify what you need it to deliver.

Many restaurants across North America — especially those owned by Millennials, who tend to be earlier adopters of technology — are turning to employee scheduling software to help manage employees. This new software keeps the entire operation running smoothly and connected seamlessly. Read on to learn more about how it works.

Perfect Schedules, Quickly

Employee scheduling software’s primary function is to quickly create schedules that respond to everybody’s needs — it succeeds brilliantly, reducing the time schedule creation takes by as much as 80%.

Employee scheduling software allows staff to remotely submit their availability for their next cycle of shifts, then uses automation to create a schedule that perfectly balances every employee’s needs. Managers can remotely approve shift requests. The amount of calling and text messaging made to iron out the schedule is also reduced by as much as 70%.

Features like these ease a frustrating task, and give more time for employees to concentrate on their jobs. When you have employee management software for your restaurant you’ll spend less time creating and managing your schedule, and more on what matters.

Seamless Communication

Employee scheduling software does a lot more than its name suggests: it’s also a perfect communication tool. You can message individual employees, create chat groups, or start a conversation with the people who work in specific departments or roles in your restaurant.

Imagine a scenario where a manager needs to quickly inform their staff about a new lunch special: all they need to do is send an announcement, which staff receive via email and push notification. Communicating is modern, efficient, and effortless.

Automated Shift Feedback

One of the keys to managing any team of employees is knowing how they really feel about what’s going on at work. Employee scheduling software has a built-in feature to receive feedback so managers can gain insights they’d never otherwise have.

Employees receive automated feedback surveys after shifts, where they can leave comments and rate how they think the shift went. This helps you spot problems before they blow up, and knowing this information helps you increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover, historically a major problem facing restaurants.

Managers get attendance reports with aggregate statistics for lates, no shows, sick times, and more. It’s easy to track attendance separately for each restaurant location. If there’s a discrepancy between locations, it tells you more training may be needed.

It’s important that the technology you adopt delivers real results, because it’s easy to get sucked into the hype around new technology. Some new tech is fancy, but when you’re looking for new tools to help you manage employees, restaurant scheduling software has been a revelation. Beyond just producing schedules in less time, your employees and managers will love how smoothly restaurant scheduling software makes the whole operation run.