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Is ReMax the biggest real estate company?

Is ReMax the biggest real estate company?

Boasting more than 125,000 agents across the country, RE/MAX was named the top real estate brokerage franchisor by the Franchise 500 in 2020. This is the eighth straight year that RE/MAX has taken home this title, based on objective factors like unit growth, franchise stability, and brand power.

What does ReMax collection mean?

Class. The RE/MAX Collection offers all this and much more to affluent homebuyers and sellers representing luxury real estate around the world. To qualify as a The RE/MAX Collection listing, a home must be at least twice the average sold price in the market in which it is listed.

Is ReMax in USA?

RE/MAX, short for Real Estate Maximums, is an American international real estate company that operates through a franchise system. As of 2015, RE/MAX had more than 100,000 agents in 6,800 offices. RE/MAX operates in about 100 countries.

Is ReMax an LLC?

RE/MAX has a worldwide network of nearly 140,000 agents in more than 110 countries and territories, a global footprint larger than any of its competitors. RE/MAX, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of RMCO, LLC, which is controlled and managed by RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. About RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. RE/MAX Holdings, Inc.

What does Collection mean on real estate?

Definition. The efforts used to bring a delinquent mortgage, or other debt current, and the filing of necessary notices to proceed with foreclosure when necessary.

What does re MAX R4 stand for?

We’re really excited to be hosting the first hybrid R4, meaning RE/MAX affiliates can register to attend virtually or in-person.

How much is the owner of Remax worth?

The estimated Net Worth of David L. Liniger is at least $199 Million dollars as of 11 June 2019. Mr. Liniger owns over 90,000 units of RE/MAX Inc stock worth over $11,053,469 and over the last 8 years he sold RMAX stock worth over $186,300,000.

What does R4 stand for Remax?

R4, the annual RE/MAX convention known for its global attendance, unrivaled education and headline-grabbing entertainers, will be March 23-25, 2021, in Orlando, Florida. The hybrid event, dubbed R4 Your Way, features both in-person and virtual registration.

Who is RE/MAX top realty?

RE/MAX Top Realty, is a Texas real estate firm, located at 2011 Leeland ST, Houston, TX 77003. RE/MAX Top Realty provides a wide-range of real estate services. Consumers continue to find value in having a real estate professional help them through the home buying and selling process. The wide variety of services real estate professionals provide are proving ever more valuable in real estate transactions (financing twists and sales contract intricacies).

What is the role of a RE/MAX real estate agent?

Though some of the responsibilities of a real estate agent change based on if they’re working with a buyer or a seller, the general duties of all real estate agents include administrative work, research and marketing.

What are the best house finding sites?

Zillow. Zillow is the OG of real estate websites.

  • and mortgage payment estimates.
  • HomeFinder.
  • Local Multiple Listing Service.
  • Homes.com.
  • Redfin.
  • ZipRealty.
  • Auction.com.
  • RealtyTrac.
  • Fannie and Freddie.