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What is a good stealing percentage?

What is a good stealing percentage?

Caught Stealing Percentage The Major League average for throwing out base stealers generally hovers around 30 percent. As the following list demonstrates, however, the ability to create outs on the bases is a separator among catchers. The best can far surpass that 30 percent neighborhood.

Who is the best base stealer of all-time?

The 10 Best Active Base Stealers In The MLB

  1. Billy Hamilton (Cincinnati Reds)
  2. Dee Gordon (Miami Marlins)
  3. Jose Altuve (Houston Astros)
  4. Billy Burns (Oakland Athletics)
  5. Ben Revere (Washington Nationals)
  6. Jonathan Villar (Milwaukee Brewers)
  7. Delino DeShields (Texas Rangers)
  8. Charlie Blackmon (Colorado Rockies)

Who has the best on base percentage?

Ted Williams+
Career Leaders & Records for On-Base%

Rank Player (yrs, age) On-Base%
1. Ted Williams+ (19) .4817
2. Babe Ruth+ (22) .4739
3. John McGraw+ (17) .4657
4. Billy Hamilton+ (14) .4552

What is the most stolen bases in one game?

Carl Crawford is the most recent player to steal 6 bases in a game….5 stolen bases, one game.

Player Billy Hamilton
SB 7
Team Philadelphia Phillies
Date August 31, 1894
Opponent Washington Senators

Who has the highest OPS of all time?

Babe Ruth+
Career Leaders & Records for On-Base Plus Slugging

Rank Player (yrs, age) On-Base Plus Slugging
1. Babe Ruth+ (22) 1.1636
2. Ted Williams+ (19) 1.1155
3. Lou Gehrig+ (17) 1.0798
4. Oscar Charleston+ (18) 1.0632

Who is leading in stolen bases 2021?

MLB Stat Leaders 2021

Stolen Bases SB
1 Starling MarteMIA/OAK 45
2 Whit MerrifieldKC 40
3 Trea TurnerWSH/LAD 31
4 Cedric MullinsBAL 30

When did stolen bases start to be recorded?

Stolen bases had been compiled starting in 1886, but box scores before 1890 had too many missing stolen bases to be useful. Once you have the team stolen bases and caught stealing allowed, you can estimate the breakdown among catchers. I prorated caught stealing by assists and stolen bases by putouts.

How are stolen bases calculated in baseball box scores?

Also Tom Ruane and his team there have a wonderful collection of box scores of every game back to 1914. This allowed calculating actual stolen bases allowed. For the 1914–49 period, if there was more than one catcher in a game, I prorated stolen bases by plate appearances and caught stealing by assists.

Who are the best catchers for stolen bases?

Stolen Bases and Caught Stealing by Catchers: Updating Total Player Rating Last name First name G SB CS RODRIGUEZ IVAN 2427 786 661 SCHALK RAY 1727 957 1009 HARTNETT GABBY 1793 449 574 ZIMMER CHIEF 1239 1562 1208

Why are runners out on base and caught stealing?

So the runners out on base are equal to base runners minus runs and left on base. The major reason for outs on base are double plays. You also have pickoffs, runners out advancing and caught stealing. I also estimated caught stealing based on the number of stolen bases allowed.