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Why Melina Kanakaredes left CSI: NY?

Why Melina Kanakaredes left CSI: NY?

CSI: NY star Melina Kanakaredes is leaving the veteran CBS crime drama after 6 seasons. For Kanakaredes, this marks a clean break from the show as she didn’t have a producer credit on it like Sinise or William Peterson, star of the mothership CSI series, who departed it last year.

Who died on CSI: NY?

Jenna Donovan (dies from a pulmonary oedema after being stung by an Irukandji jellyfish planted inside a beach ball by Lia Ramsey in an attempt to kill Damien Barnes.)

  • Ted Barclay (bleeds to death after being shot in the leg by James Perry with a Smith & Wesson 6904.)
  • What happened to Stella in CSI New York cast?

    When the series returns on American television on 24 September viewers will be told that Stella has moved to New Orleans. “She left to run a lab there,” said executive producer Pam Veasey. Kanakaredes will be replaced by actress Sela Ward in the new series.

    Does Mac leave CSI New York?

    Detective Mac Taylor is a fictional character and the co-protagonist of the CBS crime drama CSI: NY. Portrayed by Gary Sinise, Mac is the Director of the NYPD Crime Lab and the Supervisor of the NYPD CSI team….

    Mac Taylor
    Last appearance “Today Is Life”
    Portrayed by Gary Sinise
    City New York City
    In-universe information

    Who is Jo Danville on CSI New York?

    Josephine “Jo” Danville is a Detective on CSI: NY . Jo comes from Virginia and used to work for the FBI at its Washington D.C. office. She works mostly with DNA evidence.

    Who are the actors in CSI New York?

    Series cast summary: Gary Sinise Mac Taylor 197 episodes, 2004-2013 Anna Belknap Lindsay Monroe 172 episodes, 2005-2013 Robert Joy Sid Hammerback 165 episodes, 2005-2013 A.J. Buckley Adam Ross 141 episodes, 2005-2013 Melina Kanakaredes Stella Bonasera 140 episodes, 2004-2010

    Who is Stella Bonasera on CSI New York?

    He is organized, efficient, dedicated, and very proper in his management style. His second in command for the first 6 seasons is Detective Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes), Stella is half-Greek, half-Italian, and entirely New York City. She helped Mac through the impact of his wife’s death and has been by his side ever since.

    What’s the pattern of the blood on CSI?

    In the episodes where the blood is spattered or in a large pool, the pattern of the blood varies from scene to scene. For example: A person is killed and the blood is sprayed across a desk. The pattern in scene 1 (finding the body) will be different than in scene 2 (going back to the crime scene for further evidence).