What is a regimented life?

What is a regimented life?

too organized and controlled: a regimented school/society/lifestyle. Lack of freedom to act.

What does it mean to be a regimented person?

adjective. excessively disciplined or ordered. the regimented atmosphere of the orphanage.

What is the meaning of regimented environment?

adjective. Something that is regimented is very strictly controlled. the regimented atmosphere of the orphanage. Synonyms: controlled, ordered, disciplined, organized More Synonyms of regimented.

What is regimented behavior?

: to control the behavior of (people) strictly. She criticized the way the school regiments its students by having strict rules.

What is regimented classroom?

In the regimented classroom, the oppor tunities for communication and learning are not as plentiful as they should be. Often the traditional teacher sees move ment in class as a source of disciplinary problems. A progressive teacher will try to im prove the space situation in his class room.

What is regimentation in military?

(rĕj′ə-mənt) 1. A military unit of ground troops consisting of at least two battalions, usually commanded by a colonel. 2. A large group of people.

Which is the best definition of the word regimented?

‘The clinical trial process follows a very regimented format.’ ‘I had been set loose, free from the regimented lifestyle of a footballer.’ ‘The terraced garden is not just a series of regimented stepped rows running up the hill.’

Why are people forced to live a regimented life?

‘They have been forced to live regimented lives to minimise the risk of further abuse.’ ‘He dealt with it in the way coaches deal with everything, in a very regimented way.’ ‘Unfortunately, on this scale, the shapes are too simplistic, the edges too regimented.’

Is there such thing as a regimented education?

Those professions are dictated by regulatory bodies and the only way to become accredited is by following their regimented educational structures. We practice twice a day, play two games a week and travel once a week, so it’s pretty regimented, but we go to cool places.

What was the regimented life of a vet?

They lead a very regimented life. He hated the regimentation of boarding school. Things had to be regimented; they had to be routinized. There are doctors’ appointments and medications — a real regimented life. The thing that so many people seem to think about vets is that they want to have the strict and regimented hierarchy.