What is Coffee Break Italian?

What is Coffee Break Italian?

Coffee Break Italian is like going for a coffee with your friend who happens to speak Italian and is helping you to learn in a relaxed, enjoyable way. Then add a solid structure and carefully constructed pedagogy which ensures that you progress through the lessons and build on previously-learned materials.

Is Coffee Break Italian Good?

Two instructors and a “learning” student are the mode of presentation. The Coffee Break courses are great, but CB Italian seems especially good. Like other CB language podcasts, each lesson covers a different topic, and builds logically on the vocabulary and grammar from the previous lessons.

How many languages does mark pentleton speak?

From humble beginnings with basic microphones and a makeshift home studio, he has gone on to create courses in over 30 languages, building a team of native speakers and teachers working from Coffee Break HQ in Glasgow, Scotland.

Who is Mark from Coffee Break French?

Radio Lingua was founded in 2006 by Mark Pentleton, a former teacher of French and Spanish. Its first podcast, Coffee Break Spanish, was released on 18 October 2006.

What podcasts do Italians listen to?

20 Great Italian Podcasts of 2021 Every Italian Learner Should Listen To

  • “Italy Made Easy”
  • “Italiano automatico“
  • “Max Mondo”
  • “News in Slow Italian”
  • “L’italiano vero”
  • “Veleno”
  • “Vaporetto Italiano”
  • “Quattro Stagioni”

How long does it take to learn Italian on coffee break?

With Coffee Break Italian you can learn Italian where and when it suits you. In Season 1, you’ll join teacher Mark, learner Katie and native speaker Francesca in our 15-minute lessons, and build your confidence in the language, learning Italian from scratch.

Which is the last episode of Coffee Break Italian?

It’s the 10th and final episode of the Coffee Break Italian Travel Diaries Season 2 and Simone and Anna are rounding off their trip with a visit to the city of Trento before enjoying one last traditional lunch with canederli, polenta, cheese, apple pie and bombardino.

Where can I listen to Coffee Break Italian?

Each Season of Coffee Break Italian offers a huge amount of free content available as audio podcasts. You can access these on our website, on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify and each lesson lasts around 15-20 minutes – the perfect Coffee Break length!

When do the Coffee Break Italian travel diaries come out?

The podcast episodes will be published weekly from 12th February. However, if you would like to binge… In the latest episode of the Coffee Break Italian Travel Diaries Season 2, Simone and Anna are in Cortina, one of the most popular ski destinations in the Dolomites, where they enjoy a trip to the spa.