What kind of hair do you use for Poetic Justice braids?

What kind of hair do you use for Poetic Justice braids?

To get a beautiful poetic justice braid, you will require about 8 to 9 jumbo braiding hair packs. You can decide to go with medium, long or short braids, depending on your taste. Many people, however prefer the long; it’s more of the original Janet Jackson’s iconic thing.

What is the difference between box braids and Poetic Justice braids?

Natural Hair Rules also explains that the parted sections are more generous. These twists are slimmer than Havanas, and often use a silkier hair, like Kanekalon. Box braids, also known as Poetic Justice braids, are single three-strand plaits made from small, sectioned-off parts, or boxes.

What kind of braids do you use for Poetic Justice?

Jumbo Braids or Jumbo Pack is suitable for poetic justice braids styles. It comes in all hair colors you may desire, allowing you to mix or match however you like.

When did Janet Jackson do the Poetic Justice braids?

Poetic Justice braids styles were Janet Jackson’s famous box braids that featured in the 1993 movie “Poetic Justice.” Poetic justice braids styles have made a huge comeback and several celebrities have been spotted looking their best in once a trendy style in the 1990s.

How does Solange Knowles wear Poetic Justice braids?

This is another look favoured by Solange Knowles, the entire head of Poetic Justice braids is piled high on the head but instead of the pony rocked by JJ herself, worn in a woven bun, all twisted around and held into place with pins. This is a great way to wear your box braids during the summer.

Who was the first person to make braids?

Poetic Justice braids styles was first introduced by Janet Jackson in the film, “poetic Jackson.” This braiding style has come back and people and celebrities have embraced it alike owing to its flexibility, natural and allow healthy growth of hair. It is simple to make, style yet looks beautiful and outstanding.